• Training Tailored To Your DNA

Optimal Package

Discover how your genes have an impact on your fitness and future health.

  • Training Tailored To You

Planned Down To Your DNA

To help you achieve optimal levels of health and fitness I have this golden tier package, created to be so specific to suit your needs that it is based around your DNA using powerful technology. 


So not only are you getting a customised training routine and meal plan, you can have the knowledge that they are niched right down to reflect your genetic make-up with key fitness insights.

If you want to make real progress when it comes to transforming your lifestyle and your relationship with food and exercise then the Optimal course is essential to your success.

What's Involved?

A Genetically Guided Strategy

Every step of your program will be specialised to reflect your DNA report to ensure that you get the maximum value out of your training and diet regime.


Your DNA Reporting

This report is essential to helping me create a plan of action that is fitting of your genetic characteristics and takes into account what times of the day you’re most active, helping to piece together an exercise routine that best fits you. 

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Coaching Wherever, Whenever

You need to know that you are performing all techniques correctly, so you are optimising your workout and the time that you spend doing it, and with my video coaching library, you’ll see a walkthrough of exactly how to complete them with ease with 50+ videos on offer.


Be Accountable For Your Fitness

To keep you on track to achieving your fitness goals, I employ a system of habit and goal tracking, by doing this, I am able to effectively monitor the progress you’re making and whether your current routine is working effectively for you.


Move Like A Master

I’ll equip you with all the knowledge and resources that you need to make sure every step of your training is done correctly with a postural analysis and corrective exercise plan.


Changing The Stereotype

When people start on a training plan, they always assume that means their diet has to be boring and bland, I’m here to change that mindset, with a 7-day shopping list that is delicious and ideal for helping you achieve your fitness goals.


Your Supplement Support

Training is only a part of transforming your lifestyle, it may be that you need some supplements to ensure you’re in optimal health and shape - if that’s the case, I’ll identify what those are and work those into your schedule.

  • Maximising Motivation and Focus

With You Every Step Of The Way

When it comes to your training, it is key that you have all the information you need to be successful, which is exactly what I aim to help you achieve through 1 to 1 weekly video check-ins and monthly progress reports, a great record for monitoring your progress. 

Throughout your journey with me, you won’t have to go through your transformation alone, with immediate access to messaging support that you can access whenever, wherever.


Designed To Have An Impact

Your Optimal Package

Transform your approach to fitness with a regime tailored to your genetic make-up

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