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Momentum Package

A personalised training package that is designed to get you the best results possible.

  • Making Your Fitness Goals A Reality

What Is The Momentum Package?

Get a training plan that evolves with you as you continue on your fitness journey. You need to know that your training routine is going to work for you, and I can help to ensure you have the support you need with a 100% bespoke program especially for you.


Benefit from a comprehensive training program and meal plan that has been made specifically to help you realise you don’t have to drastically limit your calorie intake to get the results you want. 


Achieve peak physical fitness with the Momentum package and discover just how energised and productive you can really be.

Here's how it works

What Are The Features Of The Package?

Still on the fence about whether you should become a Momentum member? Then you’ll be interested to know what makes this package unique and guaranteed to get you results.


Always Have The Essentials

With a 7-day shopping list to help you make sure that you are meeting all of your dietary goals and maintaining a healthy relationship with food.


Individualised Goal Tracking

Take ownership of your future and approach to health with positive reinforcement to keep you motivated as you work towards achieving your goals.


Supplements To Suit You

Helping you to make adjustments to your lifestyle with a personalised supplement course that is specific to cover your needs.


On-Hand Professional Support

Always have access to the support that you need on your transformation journey - I’m on hand to help with any issues or questions you may have with training, and with this package, you get monthly 1 to 1 training video check-ins. 


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

With biometric progress charts and graphs, you’ll know whether you are on track to achieve your fitness goals and with exclusive access to a messaging group with Momentum members, you can compare and contrast your results with other members.

  • Become Part Of The Apex Culture Community

Take Part In A Collaborative Experience

With weekly group calls and email check-ins, you’ll be held accountable for all of your progress to make sure you’re heading in the right direction to achieve your goals. 

I’ll be on hand every step of the way to help you get maximum value out of your training, so if the Momentum package sounds right for you, then start your journey today.

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