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  • The Inspiration Behind It All

Our Story

Launched in 2021, Apex Culture was designed to help people like you to create a new lifestyle and get in shape.

The realisation that resistance training can have positive effects on anyone when paired with the right training plan led to me wanting to spread awareness of it and help others achieve the same passion as I did.

That’s why you can take the weight off your shoulders by taking into account expert guidance and advice, along with a bespoke plan tailored to suit you, which is exactly what I strive to provide.

  • How We Got To Here

What Inspired Me?

For over 3 years, I’ve worked in the health and fitness industry, and have competed at a national level of powerlifting. 


My love for living an active lifestyle was first started by football, but after some injuries, I was introduced to corrective exercise and resistance training which sparked my interest during my rehabilitation.


I started to experiment in different sections of the gym beyond what was needed for my recovery and started to dabble in with lifting weights, and soon resistance training became a passion of mine once I realised the benefits it could offer me. 


This led to me going further down the rabbit hole, wanting to know more and more about resistance training and what it could offer, which led to the pursuit of a career in the fitness industry. 


And that’s how we got here, and why I’m reaching out to you, because I know from personal experience just how powerful resistance training has the potential to be, and I want you to be able to experience it too. 


So if you’re ready to start absorbing this knowledge into your own way of life, then I’m here to help, because taking that first step can lead to years of a healthier and more energetic lifestyle.


Create a healthier and happier you

What Makes Our Approach Unique?

Transforming your lifestyle, the way you view yourself and moulding your future are no simple feat - I understand this is a big change for you, and I’m here to make that transition easy for you, so you can get on track to becoming the person you want to be.


Maximising Your Motivation

Weekly Analysis through our journey together, so you’ll receive weekly progress updates, designed to keep you on track to smashing your targets.


Going Beyond “Just Training”

Get more than just training, get connected, with daily personalised videos to drive you towards that end goal of achieving peak physical performance.


Building Your Confidence

Helping you to see that with the right corrective exercises and plan in place you can achieve anything you want, so no matter where you go or who you’re with, you feel comfortable in your own skin.


Accountability Is Key

I understand it can be difficult to go full pelt with your training 100% of the time, and on the days you don’t feel on top of the world, I’m here to keep you positive and productive.


Always Keep Moving Forward

With access to my coaching library, you’ll always have the support and guidance you need to succeed through every phase of your journey and with goal tracking, we can always make sure you’re right where you need to be.

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